Hello, am Aardwolf!

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Hello, am Aardwolf!


I'm Marflebark or Marfle or Marf, and I'm an alcoholic... Wait, wrong forum.  Okay so I'm literally new to Florida life, just moved in to an apartment in Bradenton two days ago.  Have to get everything unpacked, but it's a work in progress.  Anywho, I'd do a proper intro and post but I'm using my phone because frontier said it'll be the 19th before they can come help me fulfill my fap withdrawals... I mean, turn on my 'net.


So, Aardwolf fur here, 'sona is a Cboy, and like myself, loves lounging in the sun and can't wait for a fully sunny day to hit up a beach, and explore to find out what the heck a Publix is, and where the nearest Vietnamese place is cuz I've got a craving for some Pho!


I love this state so far, even the heat! So vicariously I love you all!